Shaw Direct HD channel problem CTVHD 302


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Oct 26, 2010
Manzanillo Colima Mexico
Just installed new DSR 505 with E75 dish just north of Manzanillo Mexico on the coast.

Most HD channels satellite signal strength is mid to high 70s except 302 CTVHD which is 65.

Towards evening on this one channel and ONLY this channel, I get a lot of digital breakup.

I suspect this is a transmission problem not a reception problem as CBCHD channel 300 signal is 76, GlobalHD 303 is 75, NBCE HD is 78, etc.

Before I call Shaw I would like comments as why this could be.



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Oct 27, 2008
CTVHD is on Transponder #13 at 107.3W along with OasisHD and SportsNet EastHD. The majority of the programming in HD is on 111.1W. So you will need to adjust your dish a little to get a stronger signal on the satellite at 107.3W. Use that channel as one of your references when you adjust your dish.

Mr Tony

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Nov 17, 2003
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and since 107.3 has a little weaker signal in Mexico you may have some issues since its a HD channel. The SD channels will work fine but HD needs more signal

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