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Jul 9, 2012
This is a C&P from one of our installer forums and I thought a few of you may find it interesting or helpful..
The Classic map is our main one, the Advance was only used for about 1 year before they switched back to the classic.


I thought i would post this list if you don't have a copy of it already. I had printed this for a newbie installer so you probably know most of it but i'm sure you often run into a v-code that is unfamiliar so this will be a handy list to have.

These are the v-codes you will find in your receiver depending on the following setups.
If you still have one of the very old round dishes it will be KU, either stacked or non stacked but only picks up one of the satellites either f1 or f2. The earliest elliptical dishes had dual lnbs on them and could be either stacked or non stacked. New ellipticals will be triple satellite XKU.

The next variation is the model of receiver. If your model starts with a 6 it is capable of receiving mpeg4 channels which are mostly on the g1 satellite. All other models such as 505 or 319 are non mpeg4 receivers.
One more variation is the type of programming. The v-code will load a channel map that will make your guide only show channels that you subscribe to, or are only available in the east or west or nationally.
There are some codes here only used for test purposes so you may never see these in your receiver.

4323-xku-mpeg4-advanced national
4321-xku-mpeg4-classic national
4322-ku-mpeg4-advanced national
4320-ku-mpeg4-classic national
4331-xku-mpeg4-digital lite advanced national
4330-xku-mpeg4-digital lite classic national
4422-ku f1 only round dish-non mpeg4-digital lite classic national
4423-ku f1 only round dish stacked-non mpeg4-digital lite classic national
4424-ku-non mpeg4-digital lite classic national
4425-ku stacked-non mpeg4-digital lite classic national
4446-ku-non mpeg4-digital lite advanced national
4400-ku stacked-non mpeg4-digital lite advanced national
4124-ku f1 only round dish-921 receiver only-classic national
4352-ku f1 only round dish-non mpeg4-classic national
4354-ku f1 only stacked round dish-non mpeg4-classic national
4373-ku-non mpeg4-classic national
4374-ku stacked-non mpeg4-classic national
4350-ku-non mpeg4-advanced national
4351-ku stacked-non mpeg4-advancednational
4365-ku round dish f2 only-non mpeg4 national
4366-ku stacked f2 only round dish-non mpeg4 national
4189-xku non g1-mpeg4-advanced national
4188-xku non g1-mpeg4-classic national
4318-ku-mpeg4-commercial/mdu national
4319-ku-mpeg4-commercial/mdu national
4316, 4440, 4443, 4313, 4358, 4312, 4311, 4315, 4360, 4273, 4324, 4325, 4314, are all test v-codes not for subscriber use.
4326-xku-non mpeg4-classic east
4328-xku-non mpeg4-advanced east
4125-ku-921 receiver only-classic east
4190-ku f2 only round dish 921 receiver-classic east
4353-ku f1 only round dish-non mpeg4-classic east
4356-ku f1 only stacked round dish-non mpeg4 classic east
4377-ku stacked-non mpeg4-classic east
4378-ku-non mpeg4-classic east
4343-ku stacked-non mpeg4-advanced east
4341-ku-non mpeg4-advanced east
4327-xku-non mpeg4-classic west
4329-xku-non mpeg4-advanced west
4126-ku 921 receiver only-classic west
4191-ku stacked f2 only round dish 921 receiver-classic west
4355-ku stacked f1 only round dish- classic west
4357-ku f1 only round dish-non mpeg4 classic west
4379-ku stacked-non mpeg4-classic west
4380-ku-non mpeg4-classic west
4344-ku stacked-non mpeg4-advanced west
4342-ku-non mpeg4-advanced west

not shown are the v-codes you might see after a factory reset has been done on your receiver. If you have a red light on the receiver you might have to put it on a specific channel to get a signal so that shaw can send the signal to your receiver to get the code changed to one of the above codes. Typical channel numbers are 250, 252, 284, 299, 350, 700. As long as you get a green light on one of these channels they should be able to send your receiver a signal refresh.


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Sep 14, 2015
Thousand Oaks

Thanks for the menu info. I FINALLY looked at mine (gee, that didn't take long!) and my code is 568-4320. I expected to see the 4320 since I have the older LNB, but do you know what the 568 means? Is that perhaps the receiver model? I have a 630 DVR.



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Jul 9, 2012
Correct, the 568 refers to the channel map. IE the new lnb would be something like this 766-4321 which picks up all 3 sats.

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