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Aug 12, 2008
Been having some intermittent signal issues, breaking up of sound and picture, for a few days on local channels, oddly, I saw the same problem at my sister's house 10 miles away yesterday, with a message occasionally coming up about (paraphrasing here) "problem with locals, that Dish knows about, so watch something else" saw the same thing here at home now, and a complete signal loss message 11-12-11. Kept going between the 3, bad picture, signal loss message, and locals message. I removed power, and the same happened, with a 11-11-11 signal loss message. I called, and after unplugging again, and then checking signal strength, which was 21, flashing to nothing, repeatedly, I was set up dish protection plan for $7 a month(can be cancelled after 3 months), so someone could come out for free to fix it. Now I don't even get past acquiring signal, and just saw a complete signal loss 0-0-0 code after waiting like 15 minutes, so looks like my recordings tonight aren't happening.

Questions are: Is there an uplink issue on los angeles locals recently? Because I saw a similar problem at a completely different location miles away.
Is the protection plan now required for a free service call? last time I had an issue, several years ago, dish actually called me, they had got messages from the receiver about signal loss, and they sent out a tech for free without the plan.

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