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Apr 27, 2011
I mad a representative tell me the disclosures that they are "supposed" to read every time you call and change information when it comes to billing. If you just update address, phone or email there Is no requirement to read any disclosures. If you change a credit card or package they are supposed to tell you:
"All of our packages automatically continue and bill on a recurring basis for the same term at our then current rates. Your subscription will continue until you call to cancel. Your subscription is governed by our customer agreement which you can find on our website at"
In more detail: if you get a yearly package: "Your subscription may be subject to a $75 early cancelation if you cancel before the first year" if you get quarterly billing there are no disclosures. If you get monthly: "Your monthly subscription is non refundable"

There are departments that have different abilities. If you call the dealer support line they have no discounted packages available to give. If you get the cancelations department they have some pricing. There is also an outbound service that also has their own pricing. The different departments may not be able to help you with other pricing but the dealer support line is all on shore. So if you want to talk to an American that's who you would call.
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