Skip forward and back failing on some TCM recordings


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Aug 6, 2023
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I have 3 recent TCM recordings where the 30 second skip forward button and 10 second skip back button fail to work. Not all TCM recordings have this issue, and I haven’t seen the issue on any other recordings.

Pressing the skip buttons, jumps to the beginning of the recording instead of forward and back.

Fast forward, rewind, can be used to move around as usual. Fortunately, I find that TCM doesn’t need a lot of skipping but it’s an oddity. Have others seen this?
Just watched a recorded one problems, when I would skip back, had no reason to skip forward.
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I checked the TCM movies I have currently:

Movies where Skip forward and back work as expected:

A Night at the Opera (recorded 1/18)
The China Syndrome (1/18)
The Longest Day (1/16)

Movies where they don’t work – either jumping to the start of the video, or in one case, they bring up the “Playback complete” window.

Close encounters of the Third Kind (1/17)
Lawrence of Arabia (1/17)
The Enemy Below (1/16)
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Pressing the skip buttons, jumps to the beginning of the recording instead of forward and back... Have others seen this?
I have seen this on some programs on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries. Very odd since other programs from the same channel work fine.
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It isn’t just TCM movies. It happens randomly on all channels. I just tried watching a recording of ‘the floor’, on local FOX, it does the same thing. As for the movies you listed, I have The Longest Day which has the issue of dvr not working, also I have “The Enemy Below”, and it works as it’s supposed to. So, opposite from you. I have 3 recordings of “Chopped” on Food Network where two work, one doesn’t. This has been ongoing for me for months.
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