Sky Angel IPTV,Turbo Charged Road Runner and Vonage (1 Viewer)

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Feb 1, 2005
Galion, Ohio
I just received Sky Angel IPTV box today and am switching to Vonage also I already have Turbo Charged Road Runner with a Motorola SBV5220 SURFboard cable modem, I can get a Vonage V-Portal for $9.95 or a Motorola VT2142RB Certified Reconditioned free.
The problem is I don't know which Vonage Phone Adapter I need or what kind of wireless router I need, or how I will hook everything up when I get all I need.
So if anyone has this setup or can tell me what to get and what order to hook it all together it will help because I'm new to both Sky Angel and Vonage Thanks Brenda
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