sky contract dish setup with cband as well a kuband

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Jun 6, 2009
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hello everyone.

i will need to know how to get ku band along with cband on a 6foot dish

i have a basic setup of a dmx741 standard or universal wich i found the botin the same situation

when i know it has to be the universal

this lnb still ont perform good, meaning i got 5% quality with my fs1 meter

i did skew lnb just about where i gt the 5% quality.

so i ran in to this old post in here that tells me i need quality lnb and or of c ku seperate.
this is an old post so im in the blues as how to do it

here is the link where i get info on to polarize the dish in certain manners

im meaning since i didn't get results with the dmx i should go with a cband lnb of somewhat

and a ku band lnb of somewhat chapparal

i have an old chapparal lnb not the latest
ku band that is

and i have no c band lnb itself to do that custimization

plus i was thinking that a dmx standard or universal i can do it when i only get top 5% percent on quality

so before i go any further i would kindly ask your guys opinion on how to go about my problems....

i got two dmx741universal and standard
one ws international lnb. with polar mount
and a fs1 meter

and i bet the rest of my lnbs are history for ku band

i dont want a polarizer setup but custom because dmx lnbs don't work with this
Please reply by conversation.

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