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May 1, 2005
Hey everyone... my roommate is looking to get a Sky Mexico system and he came to me to ask about it... I guess he is getting the receiver using family's address in Mex, but he'll need to get a dish here.

I looked into it, and Sky uses linear ku-band frequencies... but my main question is because he'll want two receivers- do they use stacked frequencies to support multiple receivers like StarChoice once did, or some type of multiswitch? Or would any standard dual output ku-band lnb work? I'd appreciate any advice, as information about Sky in English is hard to find online.



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Jun 4, 2004
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The last time I checked, SKY was using Universal LNBFs.
Multiple receivers will take an exotic LNBF---probably cheaper if
SKY can provide one with lease or purchase of multiple receivers.
Otherwise you will need to source Euro style devices with at least
two independent polarity outputs.

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