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May 12, 2006
Is there a way for me to record shows to DVD that have been stored in my TWC DVR? We record a lot of live music shows and wish to keep the programs. We've marked the programs "Keep until Manually Erased" but this has
my DVR memory for recording shows throughout the week.
I'm also afraid that something may happen to the cable box (technology fails us sometimes!) and I'll have to replace it or send it off for repairs. How can I back up these programs to DVD? Thanks for your response!


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Dec 6, 2003
Wyoming, NY
Connect composite video and audio output of DVR to composite video and audio inputs of DVD recorder. Select and play video and press record on DVD recorder.


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May 30, 2006
Re DVD recorder and Time Warner HD-DVR

I am just returning a new Samsung DVD recorder because it won't work with the TW HD-DVR. The Samsung displays/records ALL the pictures wide and big, which is strange. Spent 45 minutes on phone with Samsung - have messed with all possible permutations of the video display - and they can't explain it.

Can you give me names of DVD recorders that you all are successfully using with TW HD-DVR? Please?

(PS - I'm new to the forum, new to HDTV, new to Time Warner)

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