SL3 LNB on a Phase III dish - another success story (1 Viewer)

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Jan 22, 2010
Florida, USA
I had to do a rig for my RV and bought the SL3PIG LNB. I've read in a few place where people did this with success. At first I had my doubts. Mounted it up to the dish, LNB stuck out a little bit and tried to align with 101 but no hit. After about 30 minutes, took it down and aligned with triple LNB no problem.

Decided to drill the holes out and mount the LNB flush and try again. Then it hit me. Aim the dish a tad to the left from where the Phase III dish was aimed at and "up 5 ticks" on the elevation as I read somewhere as well. Got the bird! Tilted and getting high 80's, low 90's on 99, mid 90's on 101 and 103. I could probably bump down the elevation and adjust tilt to get 99 better, but after a long day as it was, I'll stick with that for now! I don't think drilling the holes helped me get the bird, but I think it may attribute to getting better signal on the Ka band.

So, there was my day ... :) Another confirmation that it does work (although not supported, yes I know).
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