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Nov 30, 2011
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Not sure if this is the right forum for this. If not, my apologies and moderator please move to appropriate location!

I just purchased a used Slingbox SB300-100, the "Pro-HD" on Ebay for $45. The primary reason I bought it is so I can watch my Dish DVR programs on a bedroom TV with a Roku. Anybody have experience doing this with this unit? Does it work well? I'm not wanting to debate the merits of this kind of setup, ie, why don't I buy a multi-room Hopper/Joey system, etc, I just want to get feedback on how it works (or doesn't work).

Any other tips or tricks for the PRO-HD? I'm totally new to the stand-alone Slingbox. I've read that even though Sling is no longer producing or selling Slingboxes, this one will continue to work even if the company shuts down because it can use the old "legacy" desktop Sling player, so hopefully that is true as well.

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No experience with that model.

Before leaving Dish last year, I did it with a Slingbox 350 connected to my 722 and watched in my office on a WDTV Live box with the sling app built in. Still have this setup, just using Tivo Mini now instead of 722. Occasionally use chromecast instead of WDTV box.

EDIT according to this it should work

Slingbox models compatible with SlingPlayer for Connected Devices

Which SlingPlayer software works with my Slingbox?
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