SlingTV Invites going out tonight 1/26


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Dec 8, 2007
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That 20-25 percent seems way off. Maybe that's the percentage of people who really care about sports but I'd have to think at least 50 percent of their customer watch sports from time to time. I know Dish's numbers are going to be lower than Direct's since they are the leader when it comes to sports.

Just repeating what he said. DISH internet data provides better data than Nielson. But, maybe he was just blowing smoke to help in program negotiations?


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Aug 23, 2006
As an offshoot to the offshoot where they are missing the mark is not offering your local team on MLBTV. In today's world there is no technical reason you can't watch through MLBTV your local broadcast with the commercials just like you would directly from the RSN. I realize it can be overcome and many do, even more of a reason to just offer it.

Because the RSN's get far more revenue from cable/satellite subscribers than advertising. Allowing those broadcasts in MLB.TV circumvents that. The out of market games dont have much value, hence the MLB.TV package.


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Sep 8, 2003
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How is the RSN losing anything? In fact they would still be on cable/satellite, AND have more viewers by watching them online. And I'm not so sure they get more from cable than advertising, in fact I doubt it. Not only is there actual breaks for advertising but maybe more importantly there are in-game advertisements, such as "The first pitch is brought to you by..." Also you make it sound like it would be hundreds of thousands of people, it only would affect the ones in the actual DMA the ones they really want to reach. It could require an authenticated sign in just as most online channels do now, or give a discount if you have cable. It's antiquated to think you can't be online and on satellite.
I'll even go a step further, if Baseball wants to capture more of the younger viewers having the RSN broadcast on MLB is one way to do it. Despite your characterization about the worth of MLB now, it is actually very well received, is subscribed to by alot of households. Last I saw it has 1.5 million or more streams a day during the season. It is such a hit that HBO did not use their own in house service people, and used the the ones who did the MLB TV site to make the new HBO site.


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May 7, 2007
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I have to agree with Tampa on this one. Not allowing in the home market is asinine. Pay tv is pay tv clear and simple. If the revenue between the 2 delivery methods is different, just adjust the price. See how simple that was?