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Jun 2, 2004
Well, my new smart card came in the mail.
Nice bright yellow with instructions to dump the blue card.

Well, I followed all the isntructions and 3 calls later, the tech decided to send me out another 7200 reciever because the smart card changes have been known to kill the reciever.

WHA?!?!?!?!?! :no

That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.
Why would a company put out technology that fries the receiver?

So, now I get who-knows-what receiver, when I have not had any troubles with my current reciever.

So, here i am waiting...for get a replacement. OH! The tech did credit my account for like $12 since I am without service.

Well, I'll fill you in when I get my replacement to tell you what happens.
The saga continues...
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SatelliteGuys Family
Dec 1, 2004
Smart Card

My replacement smart cards took 3 weeks to come with four calls. When I finally called Dish on the 3rd week about month ago, they tell me I am getting a new receiver because the 508 won't work with the yellow card. At which point I'm like I never authorized Dish to lease me a new receiver. I got transferred to a higher CSR and he searches the computer for 15 minutes and finally finds the UPS tracking number for this smart card and is like good news it should come in a few hours.

I get the new card and the package had no instructions and no return label so then I had to call Dish back and finally got to a CSR who said to toss the old one out. (I haven't tossed my old one out yet, I'm hanging onto it incase Dish charges me for not returning it).

I'm glad that only one receiver out of the three I have needed a new smart card!!
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