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Dec 25, 2003
I listed my old 1000 receiver on ebay.
I just got an email from a gentleman asking for the numbers in the
lower right hand corner of the smartcard in small print.

he did not ask for the smart card number.
is this guy up to something or do the numbers really matter?

thank for your input
The numbers are important to hackers, but it is up to you to decide if you will refuse to sell to a hacker.

Dish is currently replacing the old cards with new cards with new encryption. Your old card may not do him much good in the long run.
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The number in the right corner, when matched up with another list, will tell you what ROM it is..Some ROM's are easily hackable and some arent. DOnt ask me which ones are...I have no clue.

bottom line is....a legit subscriber would ask for the R# & S# (which are on the system info screen). Those numbers would allow them to call Dish to verify it has a clean balance.

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