Using a Harmony 659 remote to operate the 522 DVR 2nd tuner

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Sep 30, 2003
Anyone using a Harmony 659 remote to operate the 2nd tuner in the 522? I could be crazy (who am I kidding, I'm certifiable), but I thought I read that the 2nd tuner would accept UHF and IR commands. At this point I've tried all the Dish DVR devices in the Harmony database, and about half the Bell devices. The 659 controls the 1st tuner with no problem, but for the life of me I can't find the right setting for the 2nd tuner. It's also controlling an 811 and a 6000 with no problem. Can't call into the Harmony help desk until the weekend (work hours don't permit), so thought maybe someone here has gone through the same thing and can offer a bit of advice. I posted at and the only reply suggested I try here! How's that for being recognized as the place for being THE place for sat info?!
Did you change the remote address for tuner 2 to something other than "1"? I know that would be step one, which is where I am stuck. I can get my remote to use address two (not a harmony) but I can't get the receiver to change to receiving address 2.
I walked off this morning and forgot my cheatsheet (I don't have senior moments, I have senior DAYS), so I may be off on this, but my setup is:
6000 - channel 1
522 tuner 1 - channel 2
522 tuner 2 - channel 3
811 - channel 4

It may be the 811 is on 2 and the 522 is 3 & 4, I'll have to check later today.

It's confounding, cause the 659 is controlling everything else with no problem. I am very happy with the remote and will be in remote nirvana if I can just crack this one nut.

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