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  1. I didn't really find that Gal Gadot was that funny. She kind of like read the cue cards like someone reading in a monotone voice. The only skit that I found good was when she played Wonder Woman and they interacted with the two lesbian women on the island.
  3. Yeah, I guess the Live TV experience isn't for everyone. I know she can do comedy ("Keeping Up With the Jones") so that's all I can figure.

    With Ryan Gosling's show last week, this is so far shaping up to being a luke-warm season of SNL. If it wasn't for the Cold Opens and the Weekend Updates, I wouldn't feel too bad about missing the episodes.
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  4. I doubt that this season will be as funny as last year ,with the election and Trump vs Hillary theme.
  5. I thought the Gosling show was pretty good, especially when he couldn't keep himself from cracking up. The UFO encounter group had me in tears. But Henny was just bad.
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