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Jun 30, 2013
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Just getting started into FTA and finding things that I don't understand.

1. After locating a satellite and adjusting the antenna azimuth and elevation for max signal strength (using a hand held signal finder meter)...How do I determine which sat the signal is coming from???

2. Will the signal quality meter on the TV only show quality if I have the correct sat selected on the receiver???

3. If I have no idea which sat I am pointing at, will a blind scan still work to find transponders and channels???

4. What is the procedure if one is unsure which sat the signal is coming from?

Thanks so much.
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Dec 26, 2006
Jerry it'd work better to keep it all in one thread...I didn't see any response to the other members asking you about "skewing" the lnbf, so have you tried that and found no improvement in signal quality?? If you have a fixed dish, that is, one without a motor to skew the lnbf as it turns from satellite to satellite-then you have to adjust the lnbf skew manually. Twisting it a little CW or CCW from the Zero setting on the lnbf's mark. Try finding one of those transponders on 125 ku again, then loosen the lnbf clamp a little, stand to one side so you don't block the dish and try adjusting it until you see an improvement in the quality numbers. If that don't help, then you got other problems like line of sight obstructed by something or your elevation/azimuth is off. Sounds like you had it working somewhat, just need to keep tweaking. Slooowwwlllyyy, turn you elevation bolt 1/2 turn at a time,etc. You should be able to beam it in, you have the right settings on LO freq of 10750. Takes patience! And to answer questions: 1-post what channels you find and we'll tell ya, or look at The List here, top of the pages on the forum. 2:quality meter should show signal if its the same freq/polarity regardless, #3:
A blind scan will work if you're picking up a signal , any ku satellite selected with the 10750LO entered would grab channels if a signal is present. 4: refer to #1 again. Post what you find if you can't determine.....Welcome to the forum too!


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To answer the 3rd question, yes, blind scan and then look at the list with all the information you can get. (also question 1) Frequency, polarity and channel name. Look on the list at the top of page or search lyngsat. That will let you know where you are. I blind scan even if I see no signal. If I am not tuned to an active transponder (question 2) I will get no signal, but a blind scan may prove I am on some bird. - which answers question 4 -- as all of above.
You ARE asking the right questions - so you are almost there!

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Feb 27, 2010
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2. Will the signal quality meter on the TV only show quality if I have the correct sat selected on the receiver???
It's not the satellite selected, but transponder that's the key element, in getting a Quality reading. Signal only says you're connected to the LNBF.
If looking for a particular satellite, enter (or select) a known active transponder, while aiming the dish..
The satellite owners, uplink facilities and you can change the satellite names, transponder info, as there's nothing 'set in stone' there.
The only thing 'set in stone' is the orbital locations of the satellites in the Clark belt, the 'arc'.
3. If I have no idea which sat I am pointing at, will a blind scan still work to find transponders and channels???
Yes, then (#4) then reference TheList, or Mikes List @MPEG CENTRAL to determine the satellite.

Aiming using the receiver's meters.
Get a reference 'line' from
Set the elevation scale on the dish to match elevation found on dishpointer.
Adjust the LNBF skew. When looking at the face of the dish Twist it CW if the satellite is East of your location. CCW if west.
?Select a known active transponder, on the satellite you're after, in the tune up screen.
Pan dish E - W of the dishpointer 'line' in small, stepped, increments and wait** a while for the receiver to "lock on" to the signal to display Quality. ** 10 seconds is not unreasonable to lock on and display Quality..
If panning both sides of the dishpointer 'line' results in no Quality reading, adjust the dish up or down no more than 1° and repeat. Once you have 'lock' and a Quality reading. Fine tune the dish UP/DN, L/R for maximum Quality. Try improve signal with skew adjustment and LNBF fore/aft adjustment.
Blind scan in the rest of the transponders/channels.
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