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Aug 7, 2008
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I'm considering going with the Flex Pack but have some questions. Keep in mind I'm trying to reduce costs so opting for more costly equipment when cheaper stuff will get done what I want it to isn't a consideration.

First, has anyone negotiated a Hopper with the Flex Pack? Would a 722k be cheaper as I really only need 1 or 2 tuners? Can you get a 722k with the Flex Pack?

Second, can a Hopper 2, for instance, feed two TVs without using a Joey? Would I still need a second receiver? By the way, not interested in Sling.

Third, if I would still need a second receiver would a Hopper on No1 and a VIP211K on No2 work? How about a 722k (living room) and a VIP211k (bedroom)?

Fourth, and final, question, would buying a used 722k to replace the 211k in the living room and leaving the 211k in the bedroom work? Would the DVR function have to be activated (fee?) and would there be a monthly fee?

As you can see I am not at all familiar with how the Hopper/Joey or 722k configurations work as I currently have two VIP211k's. A lot of questions I know but I do appreciate any constructive input. :)
Fee wise, a 722K feeding two rooms (1 HD, 1 SD) would still be more expensive than two 211ks, as the DVR fee is $15 for both Hopper and 722k, unless you would be able to negotiate a grandfathered DVR fee for the 722k (as a current ViP user).
Just signed up for a Hopper 3 with Flex pack yesterday. No issues. Also added locals.

The Hopper has HDMI, Component outputs on the back. I am feeding the main tv with the HDMI and other TV's via Component (using a distribution box - don't need this if only one other tv) Limit is that you cannot watch different shows at the same time - both TV's will show the same show.

A 722 would work just fine if you want to watch both tv's with different shows at the same time - just migrated from that and had flex pack.
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First, has anyone negotiated a Hopper with the Flex Pack? Would a 722k be cheaper as I really only need 1 or 2 tuners? Can you get a 722k with the Flex Pack?
Any commitments with Dish aren't tied to the programming package. Well, I guess there are a couple of exceptions as they do have "qualifying packages" - Smart or Welcome were typically excluded in the past, as I recall. You could sign up on America's Everything Pack and the day after things were installed and set up, drop down to AT200, AT120, etc.
Just had an "aha" moment. I was not aware that a 211k could be converted to a DVR by connecting a USB 2.0 external harddrive. I think that might be the way to go, no monthly DVR fee just a one-time conversion fee. As it happens I have two of them laying around here as backups for my Homeworx.
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Did the conversion today to the Flex Pack (+ Heartland & Dish Movies Packs) and added an external harddrive after the DVR functions were activated. I set 5 timers for Sunday to test it out so we'll see how it goes. So instead of my package jumping to $97 after all my incentives expire in 2 weeks, it will drop to $56. The only thing I will miss is the MLB network (gonna miss Heidi's legs :) ) but since Comcast has a hammer lock on the Phillies broadcasts it turned out MLB was a bust for me anyway except for Heidi's show with the daily highlights so no great loss. ESPN is gone too but I haven't watched those clowns in more than a year anyway. Other than that we have everything we watched before and that keeps Grandma happy.

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