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Nov 17, 2003
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Had to share a humorous moment that happened yesterday

My mom and younger brother came over to visit. After a little while my mom looks out, sees the dish farm, and tells my brother "there's the dish farm"...well only part of it mom ;)

anyway...she looks at the Primestar dish (still with the Primestar label on the dish) and after a few seconds says "oh my gosh". I'm like "what is it mom?"

She says

That dish out there that says "Primestar" on it....I thought it said "Pornstar" :D

I think my mom needs new glasses ;)


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Apr 26, 2006
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Ha ha ha! :D That's classic, ICE! Maybe a bit embarassing, but never the less, it is a classic!

PornStar! :eek: I am going to think about this evertime that I look at my PrimeStar dish in the future. Thanks for the smile and the chuckle!

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