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Sep 7, 2003
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What a great week it has been, being able to meet Charlie Ergen, Jim Defranco and the rest of the Echostar / Dish Network crew was great! And being given full access by Dish Network to play with all their receivers made the week even better!

I have been trying to post reviews and pictures all day long but my cable modems "node" has been having problems all day. The 322/522 and the 921 reviews are now online.

Also as a special thank you bonus to those who have donated to support the site I have placed a special behind the sceens look at the Dish Network Expo I recently attended. So if you a pub member check out the posting in the Real Guys Pub forum.

I have had a few people email me and asked me if any of the donations went to pay for the trip. The answer to this is NO. I paid for the trip out of my own pocket and I did so for two reasons.

1) So I could get to play with all the new equipment
2) So I could report back to you our members with all the news from the event.

All donated money is used to pay for our server expenses. We will also be launching something Monday afternoon to help support the site better and to give you our members something back. :) More on that on Monday :D

SatelliteGuys is here to help YOU get the most from your satellite system, we take pride in working to bring you real news stories you have not seen anywhere else. We take great pride in being able to bring you first looks of new equipment.

Thanks for your support and enjoy all we have in store for you here at SatelliteGuys.US!
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