"Oops! we ran into some problems"

I use my ipad pro (5th generation with the M2 processor), the last two days, been fine, before that, there would be issues every once in a while.
My slows show that my browser is waiting for a third-party website.

My most recent was adsense but there was another tracking site in the previous wait.
Looking at the server logs and all appeared fine here.

I was working on the sever at the time (just not doing anything to the server) but was doing updates to the SatelliteGuys weather page which is my pet project and noticed no issues at all loading anything.

Looking around it appears our cloud hosting service (which hosts the javascripts, css, and images) had issues for a few moments, which would could prevent things from loading. I was not trying to load this website at the time, but was constantly reloading the weather.satelliteguys.us website as well as was logged in via SSH editing some files at the time, and was not kicked out of the SSH session or anything like that.

Since making some big changes two days ago our error logs have been great, and I have not seen the issues I saw before.

:( Back later?
I have had a box at the bottom of my screen since I was able to get back on here last week that says "SatelliteGuys.US would like your permissions to enable push notifications."

I've clicked on the x on the far right, and the box gets bigger, with a blue border around it and says "We strongly recommend enabling push notifications on this device so that you can be kept up-to-date with site activity." The i button the left does nothing either before I click on the x or after, when it's surrounded by a blue box which is part of the blue banner.

Just wondering, is this something in my profile settings that I need to turn off? The x doesn't make it go away. I am here 2-3 times per day, so I don't need push notifications.
There is only one option under my settings for Push Notifications, and I set it for Never.

If they popup keeps coming up, you may need to delete your SatelliteGuys cookies, as the message to ask you if you want to enable them is set in the cookie on each machine. (You may not want notifications on one machine but you may want them on another.)

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