Sony dvd player issue.

Discussion in 'Playback Equipment' started by danristheman, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. I have a sony dvd player has an issue with skipping on a disc that has nothing wrong with it. It keeps going back to the prevous track. Could it be an issue with the laser?
  3. Does it happen on more than one disc? Does the disc work in a different DVD player?
  4. I have played it in other dvd players with no issue my dvds don't have scratches on them. Yes it has happen on more than one disc.
  5. How old is it?
    DVD player that is
  6. I've rescued a couple of optical players with a cleaning disc (a CD or DVD with a carbon filament brush embedded in the surface).

    I second Juan's request for an age/mileage assessment.