Sony HD300, DirecTV, and UPGRADES

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Apr 13, 2004
Hi everyone,

I've got one of the Sony HD300's running 1.06. Does anyone know how to force the HD300 to dial up and check for upgrades from DirecTV? I can't find a menu option that forces it to dial up like with the TiVO's. I know it is supposed to download upgrades in-band via the satellite signal, but I was assuming that it would want to dial up via phone line first to verify account info, etc. Anyway, let me know if there is a way to force the HD300 to do this.

Also, has anyone heard any new news on when the new version will be released by DirecTV? I think it was 1.8 that Sony said was out but DirecTV wasn't releasing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
You do not need to hook your HD300 or any other receiver to a phone for updates (exception being DirecTivo). And infact there is no way to force an update this way, they can only come from the sat signal.

Concerning the firmware update. Another forum user has reported having 1.10 firmware on a new HD300 box he got.

There is a *rumor* that an update will be provided this month.

Thanks. That post on avsforum was a big help. Exciting that 1.10 is shipping on the new HD300's and they have the same board revision as my unit. Hopefully I'll get 1.10 from Direc"Who Me?" at some point :)

Tonights upgrade is to V2.0 of the software. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that D*/LG/Sony's going to have better luck with then then some recent E* 'upgrades'.

I got my update last night for the LG 3200a.. Woke up this morning to 2.0 with no more audio drops when bringing up the guide :shocked
Is there some magic key sequence that I can push for removing channels that my sat-hd300 has in a list.

OTA channels is the worse...
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