Sony OLEDs in 2017!

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  1. Just in time for the Holidays to ramp up ...
  3. Of those 3, I personally would have went with the Z9D, but thats just me.
  4. Believe me I've thought about it and almost bought the Z9D, even now I almost bought one. It was tough but I held off.
  5. Phew, no chance of me being tempted by the Sony Z9D sets since I can't fit more than a 60" screen in my Home Theater Entertainment Center.
  6. thats a great recommendation for a purchase as long as you dont sit off center from the display.
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  7. I'm pretty much in that same boat, I do have room, but it wouldn't look right ....
    My next one will have to be a 60" (which seem to be being phased out, for now) or a 55".

    Maybe the generation after this will go back to 60".
  8. The 65" B7 is at Costco now, and the pricing is WOW (not good kinda WOW).
  9. Too bad the Sony employee discount store shut down..they had reasonable prices

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  10. Agree, $4,950 minus a $200 gift card is a terrible price.
  11. Stopped by Best Buy at lunch to check out the Sony A1. Absolutely amazing. Price way too high, but sitting right next to the LG, the Sony looked a lot better. Both sets were non-calibrated so I can't speak to how they compare calibrated.
  12. Calibrated they compare nicely in most areas, biggest difference and as expected, Sony's Motion Flow is better than LG's TruMotion. Nit output on the Sony was actually lower in HDR mode than my E6 which is odd.
  13. Actually a 65" will fit as they take up less space than my 60" does now.
  14. And prices will drop as the days go by ..... and as they get closer to the Next year's offerings.
  15. Since I have bought two near cycle end now, best times to buy are Nov and Feb/Mar after they release. Usually really nice sale prices in Nov, but they will go back up in Dec, and then come back down into the next year. Dont wait too late, because once you get into Mar/Apr and supply is tight, they strangely shoot back up.
  16. Strangely?
  17. It's strange because the new models are close and some are out, and the previous year model pricing is HIGH. This year it most def worked for them since 2017 dropped 3D.