Sound Quality on HD stations


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May 1, 2004
Does anyone understand why some HD station dont have 3.21 sound like TNTHD Its coming in at 2.0??
Obviously, there's seem to be a problem with TNT-HD DD5.1 audio. Everything that is supposed to be DD5.1 is coming as DD5.1. What other HD stations beside TNT-HD are you referring?
On this same topic of "sound quality", I noticed some annoying crackling (overmodulation?) on GALLERY HD on several programs last night. It wasn't like that all day. That was the only channel, so I don't think it was on my side. Anybody else notice it?

I have been a Voomer for only a couple of days. What's the best way to report problems like this and the TNT-HD "narration for the blind" sound problem last night during Ghostbusters? Do we call 1-800-GET-VOOM?


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