Special Buy: Dish 508 Receivers!

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Scott Greczkowski

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Sep 7, 2003
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DishStore.NET made a special purchase of Dish 508 DVR Receivers!

These are probably the most wanted satellite receivers outside the Dish 921 receiver!

The 508 is wanted so badly because it is the last satellite receiver released which does not have the monthly $4.95 Dish DVOD fee!

The Dish 508 records up to 60 hours of programs on it's hard drive!

Again this is a special buy and because it's a special buy we also have a special price of only $289!

Don't wait they won't last long!!

And remember a portion of each sale at DishStore.NET goes to support both SatelliteGuys.US and DBSForums.COM!


Note Products may be referbs or Remanufactured units.
Well Scott, with the tenoff coupon and knowing I should get at least $50 for the 301 I'm replacing, AND the fact that it is supporting this site, I ordered one today for the bedroom tv. I finally convinced my wife to stop using all those damn VCR tapes to record the crap she watches!! :mrgreen:
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