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Sep 7, 2003
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We realize that we can't always discuss Satellite Television, sometimes there is nothing new to talk about. And we also understand that sometimes you just want to unwind and maybe kick someones butt.

Thats why we have our arcade. :)

We are proud to announce two new kick butt games, for your South Park fans we have "Kill Kenny" and for those of you who love beating the penguins with a bat, we have a new extreme penguin game called "Bloody Pingu" that is sure to give you a smile (Note no actual penguins were harmed in the making of this game) :D

Plus SatelliteGuys.US is looking to put together a special SatelliteGuys Poker Night, we will probably be working with PartyPoker.COM to host a special Poker Night for SatelliteGuys.US members, the first poker event will be played with play money however future events may be for real money.

If you are interested please let us know! Also I suggest signing up at PartyPoker.COM and practicing again you can play for fun using no money.

These games are not to take anything away from the thing we do best (and thats bring you the best Satellite News Information and Talk first) however it is done to make SatellitGuys more into a community.

Enjoy the new games, more are coming soon!
I'd be up for that.

I haven't signed up yet for as I've been afraid I would get NOTHING done (other than emptying my wallet).

But if you all will be getting into it, "Jersey Bob" might have to login and ante up.
Nice part about patypoker is you can play with play money. :)

Ive been a member for over a year and just go in there for some fun. Never sent them a dime. :D
Scott Greczkowski said:
Nice part about patypoker is you can play with play money. :)

Ive been a member for over a year and just go in there for some fun. Never sent them a dime. :D

You've convinced me. I'll sign up in the next day or two when I get a chance...
ah, you guys might as well just send me your play chips, I will be taking them when we play.....

good stuff, and a good idea.
Ok just added some more games today.

I love to Spank the Monkey! (The game) :D

That brings us close to 40 games now.

Have fun!!
4 new games added tonight! (Yeah we even work this late on Saturdays!) :D

Some fun games including FROGGER!!

Iceberg said:
The Frogger one is a jip

Got all the frogs to the top, score of 820, and it didnt even save it :(:(:(:(:(

Same thing happen to me. I finished it too, but it saved my score as ZERO.
Someone reported this in the VB Arcade support site. They are working on fixing it. Remember we don't write the games we just load them up for you to enjoy!
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