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Sep 7, 2003
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Hey guys for those of you who are not pub members you will notice that today I moved out ads around a bit.

This was needed as our ad revenue has fallen to about a dollar a day… way below what we need to operate the site.


I don’t run SatelliteGuys to profit so I don’t really pay attention to the numbers. It wasn’t until my wife let me know we barely had enough to cover this months bill did I take a look.

For registered non pub members I have changed the ads to be all safe Google Adsense ads. Unlike other ad networks these ads do not hammer your CPU or possibly carry a bad payload.

I get it that many people use ad blockers but would ask if you want to see this site continue to disable there here. Again the ads are safe and not cpu intensive. I would ask you to please whitelist SatelliteGuys or consider becoming a supporting Pub Member.

We have a lot of stuff coming with the upcoming launch of Dish’s Android TV platform. We will be the main support site for it so hopefully we are still around for it.

Thanks for your understanding and support.
It may not be Ads, but something about SatelliteGuys sends my browser’s energy consumption through the roof. When I close the tab with SatelliteGuys and ForceQuit the browser, things go back to all-day battery life.

I blame Faceboo, er, “Meta” for excessive scripting. No proof, just my gut.
I did an update of or software last night, but that update should not have turned on ads.

I will look into it in a bit as I dont have my phone for the two factor to login to the admin panel at the moment. Sorry about that!
Yup; you fixed it. I was afraid to click on the ad about the poll for "mass amnesty", lest I get more of the same elsewhere. That sounded extremely political (and biased) to me.

Scott, do you allow political ads onto SG?
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