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Sep 7, 2003
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Spirit TV, a contemporary Christian Music video channel is now available to Sky Angel subscribers on channel 9706.

I was listening and watching this channel for several hours tonight (3/9/04). The blend of music is fantastic. It goes from rock to pop to soul to (tamed) hip-hop (not rap), to jazz and back again. They of course are mostly a Christian Rock station so most of the videos are squarely in the "Christian Rock" relm. Sprinkled among these are many secular music with all sorts of different upbeat music styles. Overall very good music.

The channel is commercial free with a break here or there identifying themselves and an unseen VeeJay.

Just so you know a little about the reviewer... I am 42 years old. Musical tastes range through every facet of music except gangsta rap. Music I'm most likely to listen to is contemporary Jazz (not elevator music...must have a beat) and "Classic Rock" late 60's-'85 (no Disco please). Radio dial #1 set to Classical, Dial #2 Jazz, #3 Classic Rock, #4 Top 40. I have always turned my nose up at the Christian Rock radio stations here in the city. So most of the music I'm listening to now is very new to me.

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Sep 8, 2003
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You are like me, very diverse listening taste.

Have you ever considered XM?

Their channel line up will blow you away.

Scott Greczkowski

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Sep 7, 2003
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I was able to View Spirit for a few days before it was made available to the public, and I agree the music selection on this channel is fantastic, its not all praise Jesus songs, infact if you didn't know better you would not know this was a Christain Music channel!

This channel alone is worth a subscription to SkyAngel.


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Sep 8, 2003
Columbus, OH, USA
Spirit Communcations, aka RadioU and TVU know what they are doing (Ive been to their studios, totally digital state of the art and top notch people, defently not a mickeymouse (pardon my pun) operation like Praise TV turned out to be with mostly replays and informecials, Spirit will defently be a leader in Christian AC/CHR Music Video television as they have made a name already with their Rock oriented video channel TVU !...

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