SSTV from the ISS coming up!

Using my cell phone's camera to take a picture off my laptop computer.

The radio transceiver is Kenwood TS 2000X feeding into MMSTV software.

I only get internet by cell phone services.

WiFi with broadband services is too expensive for the time being.:(
Ah, I see. Are you using a browser or a forum app?
Yeah, MMSSTV is what I use also, as probably 95% of others do as well. :) It is small simple and works.
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Yeah, I'll look into it more tomorrow. But I can't upload either, just straight. It may be the pixel size is too large.
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KE4EST, thanks for the help hopefully we can figure this one out.

Hope to find out it's the website's software or the file size limit or it's my Android Chrome doing personality things.:biggrin

Hope you have a nice evening and stay warm.

Here in ABQ, is getting to cold for my taste now at 25F* right now.:p
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I got this one, this morning. I got quite a few this time around and submitted the good ones.

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Going to try send 1 picture and see what happen next. :)
Oh, BTW I know what is going on. My brain must a been AWOL the other day. You are trying to upload to large of a picture.
Most modern phones take a picture that is larger than 1920 X 1080. So you need to "shrink" the photo to 1920 X 1080 or less, as that is what we have the limit set to. :)
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Going to try again even thought the picture is little late, this time from my desktop computer...:)

I just transfer the pictures from my smart phone to the desktop and lot's easier that way, I just think android OPs system is awkward IMHO.

Let my know how's it comes out!:)


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Question without doing a lot of reading. Does the ISS broadcast SSTV like APT LEO weather sats all of the time?
My work schedule only allows me to play around in the evenings and nights. Using a Quad Helix for 137mHz that works okay w/o switching to my Diamond discone on 2 meters. Of course the discone is quite a bit 'hotter'.
I haven't snagged an ISS sig with passes over me in the evenings. Tips?
No, they only go on the air for special events.
Jim S. is very good about informing us when new events are scheduled. BTW thanks Jim!
Just keep a check at ARISS or watch for Jim to post here. I just use a simple wire from the speaker jack of a 2 meter rig ran into my computer sound card.
I then leave the radio and computer running. I turn off the speakers and monitors, while I am away or in bed. This way I don't have to be right there when it happens. I have woke up to some really nice pictures sitting in the buffer! :)
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