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Jul 26, 2008
Southern Illinois
Hello, about a month ago I upgraded from the 360 modem that I had for three years to the Nova 1000 and everything was working great. Then about a week ago my connection dropped and I haven't been able to connect since. Starband tech support says I am not transmitting and there is nothing they can do.

My EbNo is above 9
Active Code is Operational
Outbound is locked
Sync is synchronized
Satellite is down
Authentication is not Authenticated
Backbone Link is Down
TCP Acceleration is Off
HTTP Acceleration is On
LAN Port is 100Mbps half duplex
Powering Mode is Normal

Could I have a problem with my LNB or the modem? Do you think removing the external Transmit Reject Filter would help since I am not transmitting?

Any help you could give would be appreciated.




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No con light if you have all the other lights is usually indicative of something wrong on the TX side. most common especially on older setups is a connector or cable issue.

unscrew the connectors and make sure they are clean and bright. See if that does it.

next swap the RX cable for the TX cable (on both ends naturally). Do you now not get an RX light?...that is a sure sign of a bad TX cable or connector.

make sure that you also check the coax connectors on the grounding block at the point of entry ( there is supposed to be one there ).

you can also take 2 known short good cables and connect up the modem out at the dish to see if it comes up there.

99% of the time that is the issue.

BTW we have started a new website specifically for starband users.
The new Starband-Users home where you can come for help.

Or keep posting here. we try to help everyone.

let us know how the above troubleshooting goes


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Jul 26, 2008
Southern Illinois
Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I took the modem out to the dish with two short cables and got all the lights. So then I tried swapping the cables at both ends and did not get any lights. I bought a new cable and replaced the Tx line and now we are back up! Thank you so much for the troubleshooting tips.

I also signed up at the new site. I am glad to see the old is being reborn - it was a great site for information.

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