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Mar 6, 2010
St. Louis metro
Because of surrounding trees, there is not a position on my roof or anywhere near my house which has LOS to both 110/119 and 129. If another dish is mounted where LOS isn't an issue with 129, could it be used with a switch and my Starband dish which is not used for internet? I currently receive a few HD channels on a 211k from 110. If this is possible, which components would work and about how much will they cost?

A guide I found
shows a Dish 300 with a Dish 500 and a DP34. The Dish 500 may be similar to the Starband dish because it is either detected as or is configured to be a 500 in the 211k.

Thanks for your help.

Pictures of the Starband Dish and Dish components on the back are attached.


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Jul 14, 2009
Yes you could add a second dish pointing at the 129* to that set up. To do it you would need to swap out the LNBs on the Starband dish to Dish Pro LNBs (If the aren't already). Then using a third Dish Pro LNB on your "wing" dish, and a Dish Pro 34 switch. You will need to run a cable from each LNB to the port on the switch, and then the output of the switch will each run one tuner in a Dish receiver (IE single tuner one line. Dual tuner two lines). If your 129* LOS location can get all three birds it would be much simpler to just get a 1000.2 dish, and be done with it.
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