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Steamed clams is a seafood dish consisting of various types and preparations of clam which are cooked by steaming according to local custom in various countries.

In the United States the dish is commonly prepared with a kind of shellfish called steamers, a somewhat generic name that usually refers to a small soft-shell clam harvested and served along the East Coast and in New England. Steamers are so named because of the way are most often prepared.

Hard shell clams, sometimes known as quahogs, can also be steamed. They are categorized by size— the smaller ones are called littlenecks, medium-sized ones topnecks, the larger ones cherrystones, and the largest are simply called quahogs.

The clams used for steaming are usually cooked live. If in a hard shell, the clam should be closed when purchased and should open after being cooked. Soft shell clams are open slightly (agape) while alive. Larger chowder clams are not typically used for steaming.

If you’ve got a few dozen clams and a few staple kitchen ingredients, you’re just 15 minutes away from these incredibly flavorful Buttery Garlic Steamed Clams!

It’s always nice to have a quick, easy and delicious seafood recipe on-hand… especially during the holidays! What I love about this recipe is that you can serve these clams as an appetizer or serve them over a bed of pasta for a meal. A win-win situation here!

And this velvety, buttery, garlic white wine sauce is what MAKES these clams. If you eat these without pasta to soak up all of that goodness, make sure you’ve got plenty of crusty baguette slices. This is a MUST!

Check out this video to see how we enjoy this tasty dish:

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