Stonewalled by Dish "support" (Rant)


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Jan 2, 2004

I am typically easy to get along with and have a great deal of patience when it comes to working bugs out of new technology. However, I have just been pushed past the limit by Dish "support".


I have a 921 with a SuperDish. My locals are on 105. My orignal 921 would not lock on 105. Neither would my replacement. Neither does Scott's. In fact I have yet to find a 921 owner that can lock on to 105.

Of course, this is something I would like to have fixed. I personally believe it to be a bug but have been very patient in going through all the motions of a zillion check swithces, swapping receivers, rebooting, etc. I have called Dish “support” numerous times and finally got the complete stonewall tonight.


The first guy I spoke with in "advanced" had me do a check switch then told me to have the installer come back out becuase there was something wrong in the install. I explained that the installer had spent several hours on the phone with support the day of the install and that it was determined that the dish, lnbs, switch and cabling was fine. I can hook a 301 to the same feeds and lock 105 without any problem. I guess this guy was deaf because he kept insisting on having the installed come back out and "fix" the install. It ticke me off so I asked to speak with his supervisor and I got the same load of stuff from him (his name was Shawn by the way). He said it absolutely was not the 921 and there was something wrong with the install. I asked him if they tested the 921 I returned to verify that it does indeed with 105 and he said that I was not “privy to that information”. He "guaranteed" me that it was not a hardware (921) issue and it was related to the install. He also told me there was absolutely no way for me to request this be added to the known issues list for the 921.

So, now that my rant had ended, is there anyone at all out there who can get a lock on 105 with a 921?

At this point I have no idea what my next step is. Yes, I could call the installer but they happen to be located 300 miles away. Justin from Mainstreet was gracious enough to drive 6 hours to do my install. Does Dish really expect him to just run back out here? I would do it in a heartbeat if I actually though he could wave a magic wand to fix it but he spent several hours on the phone with support the day of the install. The install is fine, the 301s work perfectly, the switch works perfectly, the are no cabling issues, the install if fine.

What would you do if you were in my shoes?
Trust me, the guys at Dish know about the 105 problem, this was another reason HD went to 110 instead of 105.

My 721 gets 105 fine, my 921 hooked to the same switch does NOT get it (although 105 is found by the check switch on the 921.

Whenever I tune to 7000 I get UNKNOWN Satellite error message
So am I just stuck without any recourse? Will I not be able to get my locals? That would totally bite after waiting all this time to sign up for Dish until the locals were available in my area.

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