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Nov 30, 2003
Ok guys, this is a new one. I have never seen this mentioned nor have I experienced it before today

Was watching the Panda show on Dicovery HD, when approximately in the center of my screen a white blotch showed up. Maybe 10 pixels high and 2 or 3 pixels wide. I thought it ws the show so I changed channels to check. Nope, it was on every channel, and also on menu screens. So I say %#@, it must be my TV. Its a Daewoo DSC34W70N widescreen CRT HD monitor, with component input only, and has been a piece of crap since I bought it, but I am stuck with it. So anyway I change to another input (outdoor surveilance camera) on the TV to see if its the picture tube. blotch. Phew....a little relief, I didn't wanna buy a new TV.

So, I go back to the Voom input...splotch is I finally turn Voom reciever off, then back on again, blotch....been ok ever since..about 15 minutes....LOL

Anyway I been a Voomer since November, and had never seen or heard of this before, so I thought I would report it


Mar 22, 2004
I have also seen this on Discovery HD, and maybe even other HD channels. Turning off the receiver and back on seems to fix the problem though. Maybe the next software update will fix this as I didn't see this before the last update.

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Centennial, Colorado
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Feb 15, 2004
Centennial, Colorado
Yikes. When I turned on the TV last night, I noticed a serious upgrade in the picture on my OTA stations. Even the SD looked great. Then in a picture with a very dark background, I saw three small white dots. I changed channels a couple of times, and they displayed on all channels. Thought for sure something was wrong with the TV, but the dots went away after about 5 minutes. Very Weird.

Through other posts, I've seen that Voom is still beta testing. Maybe the testing includes customers who are not CSR's?? Anyway, whatever they did to the picture was very nice.

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