Stumbled on a nice place for ordering movies

Discussion in 'DVD & Blu-ray' started by gadgtfreek, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. I have been trying to use Best Buy and Walmart more to shop around since Amazon charges taxes here now.

    Someone turned me onto Bull Moose. I ordered 4 movies a week ago that release tomorrow, free shipping, no tax, they shipped Friday and arrive today. Order was $20 less than if I add all those items to my cart today on Amazon.
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  3. I've placed several orders with Bull Moose.
    Their prices aren't always the lowest but I usually check their prices against Amazon and Best Buy.
    If you meet the $30 minimum for free shipping, the saving of sales tax (6% in PA) sometimes makes them the best deal
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  4. Yeah, I've started waiting until I find at least two movies to preorder, that way I can get free shipping. All 4 movies arrived yesterday, a day early which is cool.