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  1. I wouldn't worry about that for at least another 8-10 years. Remember that ATSC 3.0 will have to be formally adopted by Congress before DTV has any timetable for going away.

    I don't expect much unique to ATSC 3.0 (UHD, HGR, WCG) before the bandwidth used by DTV is freed up. Having to share the repacked airwaves with such a bed hog is no picnic.

    For those who like to talk about how much progress South Korea has made towards ATSC 3.0, I note that South Korea is a bit larger than the state of Indiana and has more than two and a half times the population of the state of New York.
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  3. Why do none of the subchannels air King of Queens, Everybody Loves Raymond or According to Jim?
  4. Because those programs are in syndication with cable channels (ie TBS, TVLand) and streaming services.

    Syndication agreements are often exclusive and with popular shows, rather expensive.
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  5. How many times are you going to ask stupid programming questions that have been answered generally to you. The answer isn't going to change just because you ask.
  6. Hey boba we are here to help bud he has the right to ask questions and get some help. It makes you wiser asking questions and getting answers to your questions.
  7. Nobody is getting wiser asking the same question over and over
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  8. True definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over trying to get different results.
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  9. That's not an accurate definition. Thomas Alva Edison tried getting a working incandescent light bulb hundreds of times before one finally worked.

    The real quote:

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

    I propose an alternative definition:

    Insanity: expecting that if you want or need something bad enough, that you'll eventually get it if you just keep badgering.
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  10. Ok thats a funny one Harshness I like the last sentence.
  11. In my area, The King of Queen was syndicated by my local FOX affiliate.

    Everybody Loves Raymond and According to Jim were syndicated by my local MyNetworkTV affiliate.

    My guess is they're not retro enough for Laff or another digital subchannel, so they get picked up for syndication by FOX, CW or MyNetworkTV.
  12. Syndication works in somewhat mysterious ways. Usually it involves only certain seasons so you might see one season of re-runs on one station/cable channel and different seasons on others. In most cases, there won't be any overlap where one programmer is showing the same episodes as another. Of course this does NOT include services that carry all seasons of a show like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu as these are licensed through different means.

    In any event, the broadcast stations are often sucking hind teat when it comes to the most popular seasons as they are buying what they can afford to given what little they can wring out of the local advertisers, infomerical providers and pay TV carriage agreements.
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  13. Antenna TV for quite sometime announced the coming of the Johnny Carson Show to the network. I swear they have about 20 episodes shown over and over.
  14. I was looking forward to that as well but it doesn't seem to have panned out. Maybe they just bought a set of DVDs...
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  15. Close, you left a zero off there about 200 episodes according whats on my Tivo.
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  16. As far as the "local broadcast tv fee" imposed by cable, $7.00 per subscriber..granted I'm sure cable tv co. keeps some of that but even that goes up every year because stations increase rates for advertising. Read somewhere that stations like ME-TV and other subchannels only give local affiliates just a few short minutes out of each hour to run local ads.
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  17. That may have more to do with the programming than what the contracts allow. Older TV shows were upwards of 45 minutes in length where the new shows are closer to 40. The typical length of an episode of Star Trek on DVD is 50 minutes!
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  18. Tegna are to launch a new diginet called Question in January that will focus on adventure and exploration. Tegna also own the diginet Justice Network. I wonder where will they get programming for this diginet? Old Discovery shows? Justice gets shows from Discovery/A&E/TruTV. It better not be a channel like Tuff TV/Action that shows really cheap tacky shows that were never on any channels before. Tegna, Cooper Media to Launch Quest Diginet |
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  19. Unfortunately, shows are too short today. Noticed on Netflix streaming NCIS is only 42 min. And the show "Rules of Engagement" is only 21 min long. I stream Everybody Loves Raymond and King of Queens and they ADD MORE commercials!! Even Netflix is now showing trailers of shows. Last time I checked that's why I pay money.. To not worry about trailers or ads
  20. There is also a channel called Quest owned by Discovery in the UK. I wonder will it be something like Quest?
  21. Super Question. I know a pretty high ranking guy at CBS News who told me that there are no plans to make it a Cable or Diginet. One of the reasons is because they want to push people to the internet, CBS All Access, skinny packs/OTT. There's also some FCC compliance issues (they'd have to add E/I programming to it, which they don't want to do, and they'd have to caption it, etc.) If more people ask for it and demand it on social media and on sites like this, the big wigs will listen and begin entertaining the idea of having CBSN as a .3 (at least on CBS Owned and Operated stations) once they loosen some of their bitrate requirements for O&Os.
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