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  1. If you look at how it went with Universal Sports Network, you wouldn't hold your breath.

    That said, NBC is a bit player in USN ownership.
  3. Cheddar are going to launch a general news channel at the of the first quarter of next year called Cheddar Big News. Could this launch as a subchannel like Cheddar?
  4. Perhaps if you can figure out a way to pay for it.

    Just because something is available doesn't mean that it will pay its own way and that must happen in order for it to be made available on OTA.
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  5. From the description Quest could be a bit like Smithsonian Channel? Maybe take older history shows from Smithsonian?
  6. If Smithsonian syndicated their older shows, they wouldn't have anything left for their own channel.

    Smithsonian productions are probably pretty expensive and that kind of money doesn't lend itself to subchannels.

    I get the feeling the many don't understand how much money programming (even older shows) costs. The cast of the Brady Bunch is still getting royalty checks. Producers expect to get a return for at least 20-30 years for non-event programming.
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