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Sep 9, 2003
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On most similar forums (e.g., AVSForums) it's possible to subscribe to a topic you're viewing to be automatically notified via email when new posts are made to that topic, together with a direct URL. I don't see such a feature here; am I missing anything and/or are you planning to enable this? Sure would be helpful!

Welcome Rob,

This software is new to me too. :)

I am learning as I go along (I just finished adding the file attachment feature a few minutes ago) And its a learn as I go process. :)

I will look into adding this feature as soon as I can. :)
Actually this software has the feature built in!

Down below each thread you will see
Watch this topic for replies

Click that and you are all set! :)

Scott -
You beat me to it. Indeed, it's available at the detailed thread level when you're logged in - sorry for the false alarm!

I am adding additional functionality to that feature as I write this to you!

You will be able to see and managed all the topics you are subscribed to from your profile screen. :)

Should be up and working in about 10 minutes. :D
Scott -
Well, at the risk of not sounding grateful, a couple related things that would be really nice if the package supports them:
a) Email notification when a new thread is started within a major topic (eg, notify me of new thread within the Dish Network forum)
b) Ability to 'auto-subscribe' to any new thread within a major forum (eg, automatically subscribe me to any new thread that starts in the Dish Network forum - if I find it boring, I can always unsubscribe to that thread)

Not sure if either is possible, but sure would be nice vs. having to periodically go the homepage just to see what's new. And as the number of threads mounts, it gets harder and harder to keep up (this from experience on other similar forums).

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