Sunday Ticket litigation

Seems some of you guys have missed the whole point that the NFL was found guilty of violating anti-trust laws.
How?! Aren't there three new football leagues now?

I don't get how that makes this an anti-trust violation. Sunday Ticket was never cheap, but I never really felt it was overpriced, I just wasn't gonna pay it. NFL is big money.
That was the finding but everybody looks at the 4.7B$ and assumes it was about Sunday Ticket fees.
Wasn't it?
article said:
The National Football League violated antitrust law by overcharging for its Sunday Ticket agreement to distribute out-of-market games over 11 seasons, a federal jury decided Thursday. Plaintiffs had also contended the league restricted competition by offering the games package only via DirecTV satellite.
The ST fees were only evidence in an anti-trust case and while 4.7B$ is a huge amount of money (which will likely be greatly reduced on appeal) the NFL's real worry is if Congress now decides to look into the NFL's Anti-Trust Exemption. That would be the real dagger in the NFL's heart..
They increased the price for ST because the networks didn't want it competing with their local broadcasts. Want anti-Trust? How's about why can we only see the local team. Going to college in NYC was HELL!!! because it was Jets or Giants at 1 PM and Giants or Jets at 4 PM. I was always wishing the weeks would fly by so there would be a bye and I didn't have to see the Jets or Giants.

And seriously, you think this Congress is going to look into the exemption of the NFL owners?
It's called price fixing when you agree to keep the price at MSRP as a condition of your contract.

More than a few brands seem to get away with this (although Apple's stranglehold on retail pricing seems to have crumbled since they got in bed with BB and other retailers).
But isn't price fixing among competitors? The neighboring Mazda and Subaru dealerships both promise to not sell cars below a certain point, so they can inflate their pricing.

Sunday Ticket... the NFL can sell it for whatever they want! It is their product.

I don't think Apple is ever price fixing, they have their Apple tax on their products that people willingly pay because their stuff is shiny and rounded. :heartbeat
Sounds like wishful thinking, and also conceding that this litigation doesn't really move the needle in the long run.
Well talk to MLB about when they have been threatened by antitrust from Congress? Its a big deal, and these sports teams really get the upper hand. It gets taken away.....look out

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