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May 7, 2004
I just subscribed to E* and am very happy with the package so far. I was just wondering why my signal strenth on 105 is so low. Under a perfectly clear sky, my signal strength is 58-60. I have not yet experienced a lot of inclement weather but this seems to be low enough to present a problem when the rain clouds are not even close to being tumultuous! I was told that below 45, I would lose the signal for my locals. I am located in SW Michigan near the Indiana border. Is this pretty much par for the course or is there some tweaking i should undertake?

Thanks in advance...
The 105 satellite is a lower powered bird that requires a bigger dish, thus you having the superdish. My father just had his superdish installed and he has a strength of about 65-70 and he has nothing in his line of sight. Absolutely clear and still a low reading. Low powered 105 satellite is to blame. No need to tweak your settings unless you feel you can get a better signal. My father told me they had a really bad storm the other night, and he didn't loose any picture. You should be alright. Hope this helps.
Thanks...I was also told the in Q4, E* was gonna upgrade to a "higher power" bird for locals. Have you heard anything? Also, where is your father located?
That's what has been said. The 105 Byrd is old and needs to be replaced. I use transponder 5 and have a signal that ranges from 68 to peaks of 73. Rain and other conditions effect signal strength differently on 105 than Byrds 110&119. 105 is on a different band. You should be ok for the most part. I had a storm front not to long ago push through with 70+ mph winds and a very very hard rain. My receivers unlocked but only for about 5 min. on 105. Far as repeaking your dish try to check with other people and see what their signal strength is. If you are close don't bother. However after my SuperDish was installed I had an average signal of 65. I wasn't happy so I repeaked mine. It improved somewhat. If you do try, be real careful and slow.
Byrd, can I manually change to a different transponder or will it go back to the default transponder when I exit "point dish" menu?
yes riski

You can select any TP when you tune it. When you exit out, whatever channel you were on, it goes back to that channel on that TP.

105 is a lower powered satellite and doesnt cover the whole US...and Dish didnt know about it until they started with the Superflop (er dish). I know Madison is covered...Minneapolis is (barely). They are replacing it with AMC15 later this year..that is a higher powered satellite (or as high powered as the KU satellites can be :)
No, I wish we could. When you are watching your locals and do a switch check the transponder number you see is the transponder your locals are transmitted on.
Thew installer also indicated that the 105's scale is 0-100 vs 0-125 on 110/ 119. So I assume that a 60 on 105 is close to a 75 on 110/119.
The highest strength I have been able to achieve from 105 (in the Ohio Valley) has been 88-90% while I have achieved 125% from 110 and 119.

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