Will a 508 receiver work with an old non-DishPro dish antenna?


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May 6, 2004
We're trying to diagnose our problem with the Superdish. Still not sure if it's the Microyal DP34, the LNBs or what.

We still have the old dish antenna out there, pointing to 61.5 for Sky Angel. I hooked it straight into the 508 receiver, no switches in between. No signal. I realize it's always possible that it got bumped, but before we try adjusting it, I had the question -- Will using an old (legacy-type) dish antenna work with a new DishPro receiver?

I read in the literature that you can't combine old switches and new.

Also, as a newbie here, I've looked around and can't find something, maybe someone can direct me. Is there a place, either here at Satelliteguys or elsewhere, that has step by step directions on diagnosing what's wrong? Like how do I know if the LNB is bad, or is it the switch, cable, receiver? Can something work fine for a while, then quit, then start working again?
Well, I figured out the answer to the first question. Had the wires mixed up. So the old dish antenna *will* work with the 508.

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