can't find 110/119 sats


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Sep 26, 2003
Which sat am i suppose to cover first? I believe i need to lock on to 119 first by covering 110. I just put a new pole for my sats and now I can't seem to find the signal for the 110/119. any advice?
I didn't bother covering the other LNB head. If you end up pointing the 119 head at 110 the pointing display will tell you, with the "Wrong Sat" warning.

Check your numbers. Don't adjust for magnetic north if you are using a compass as the azimuth given is magnetic. Set the point the screen on 119, TP11 works nice. Sweep slowly until you get a bird. If you get 110 Wrong Sat turn it a little more.

I'm assuming that this being a reinstall your receiver already knows which LNB head to use to pull 119. Unless you did a check switch while the 110 head was pointing at 119 you should be OK.


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