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Sep 8, 2003
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I'm getting closer and closer to giving up on my Dish equipment and switching to DirecTV. I have a Dish 500 antenna with a Quad LNB (legacy) and 3 receivers, one being a PVR 501.

I need another DVR to support recording more than one show at a time. Dish's current dual tuner receiver is priced way too high, and they claim to have one coming, but it's taking too long. Not to mention the addtion of DVR fees for services that pale in comparison to the Tivo software.

So.. What I'd like to get a better feel for is how will I get things installed and if the change will be worth the effort.

My Dish is mounted on the south side of the house and there are 4 coax cables running from the dish, around the back side of the house, to the north west corner of the home where they enter the utility room. From there 3 of them continue on to rooms for the 3 existing receivers.

One reciever is hooked in my family room and is hooked into my stereo for Dolby Digital 5.1 shows and S-video to my television. The other two are connected via the RF output to other tv's.

I want my Mpls/St.Paul locals as well.

So what kind of install will I need?
I don't have power available at the dish so will the DirecTV equipment be o.k. without power out there?
Will I need all 4 Coax lines?
I assume I'll need a second line to run to the DirecTivo unit. Does the DirecTivo have dual outputs?
Do any of the DirecTV receivers have on screen Caller ID displays? (I.E. do the ones included in the promotional deals?)

I did a lot of research 3 years ago when I signed on with Dish Network so it's hard for me to change. But when you look at DVR as a driving force in television these days, if you're going to pay for a service, DirecTivo is the one that is going to give you value for what you pay.

Mike I am very pro Directv but in your case you don't want to change, you want to use DISH'S promotions. You sound like you are a DHP customer so you want to use the DVR promotion for DHP customers. You should be able to add a 4th receiver(DVR510) for $49.00 or replace one of your receivers with a 510. There is a $4.98/Mo. fee for the 510 just like the $4.99/Mo. fee for the TiVo. Call DISH and ask for the upgrade.
I'm not a DHP customer. And what do I get with a $4.99 fee from dish with the 510 when compared with the $4.99 fee from DirecTV? Nothing that I don't already have with my 501 for free. So why pay $4.99 for a monthly service that gains me nothing. When for $4.99 on a DirecTivo I'm getting additional features and dual tuners?

I can get likely upgrade my 2900 to a 510 for $50.00. But paying $4.99 a month for that software rubs me the wrong way. If I could get a 522 for $99, I could justify it. But the 522 isn't available now, and am tired of waiting for them. If it wasn't for the $4.99 fee I'd have no problem staying with Dish.
Mike if you aren't DHP you get to pay $99 and upgrade to the 510 with DVOD $4.98 fee. I won't argue with you about the validity of the fee I own two DirecTiVos and three basic receivers. You can't get a 522 and you wouldn't want one if you could get it, your 501 is a better receiver than the 522. If you get a 510 and run a second line to the main location where your 501 is you will basicly have a 522 except it will work. The 522 would also have the same $4.98 DVOD fee and still wouldn't be a TiVo. I also own a 501 and a 508. I have a 522 in my satellite showroom and refuse to sell them until DISH corrects the software.
You will need all four lines from the Dish. You will need to run a second line to the TiVo if you want both tuners to work. No TiVo offers caller ID. The promotional TiVos all have 40 gig hard drives the same size as your 501. All currently available TiVos are single output without PIP. None of the TiVos have UHF remotes.
Hi, I switched from Dish Network to Directv 4 weeks ago and the only thing I miss is the superstations. I have three of the Directivo's and really like the dual tuners and at a price of $99 each you can not go wrong. You can get a three room set up from DirecTV for free and I think they will allow you to swap one of the regular receivers for a Directivo receiver for $99. You do not need power at the dish and they will supply you with a phase III dish which has four wire hookup and since most of your wiring is already there it should be no problem for them to bring the second cable to the Directivo for no charge. I assume you are a new customer for Directv and you will probably want to wait until March when there is a promotion that could save you $10 a month for the first six months or if you get it now you can get 3 months of HBO for free. Good luck with your decision.
The Directivo only outputs to one TV and it does not have caller ID and I am not sure if the standard receivers have caller ID you might want to check at Best Buy or Circuit City.
Basically, you need to run a second RG6 cable line to the position, where you intend to put the DirecTivo dual tuner receiver. They will either use an 18" round dish or a Phase III oval dish, depending on your locals.

Just make sure that, while looking into the sky, you have a clear line of sight just slightly to the left and a little higher in the sky.
Getting closer here. If I decide to go, should I just call the DirecTV 800 number or should I try to find a dealer close to home? I'm in the Mpls/St.Paul suburban area so there are plenty of places with DirecTV signs. Not to mention Best Buy and other box stores.
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