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Feb 27, 2004
I know this question has been posed before. If someone could enlighten me on the local channel situation. I live in Tallahassee, FL and can not get local stations on my DirectTV. I can get them (although only cbs clearly) with an antenna, but this doesn't help with the TiVo. Does anyone have any idea on a date when Tallahassee will be getting local stations. For the last 1 1/2 years the people at DirectTV have told us "within the next couple of months", now they are telling us "sometime in April". This leads me to another question, we ordered dish yesterday with the 522 dvr to replace two of our recievers and one regular reciever for the third. I asked the person on the phone for two dvrs and he told me I didn't need them because the 522 did the job of two...ie, I could be watching cnn in the bed room and my husband watching espn in the living room and at the same time recording on a third station. I know now that this is not true (he also told us that the dvr is "almost exactly like TiVo", which I have found out is also not true) and am considering canceling the Dish Network before we get it. The only thing is the local stations and UPN and WB. If I could get a more definate date and know it wasn't going to get pushed back another 1 1/2 years I would stay with DirectTV. Can anyone help?
If you are smart CANCELL DISH, You may not have UPN and WB but you don't want the 522!!!! On DirecTV have you tried "moving" to get some local channels? It will work for you far better than DISH.
Once DirecTV get the 7s satellite up and running they will then have the space needed to give you locals. As of now they have no more room to offer you locals or anyone else's. they are maxed out. The satellite is getting delayed from the maker, because they think it has the same problems as the last satellite they just launched which did not deploy as correctly. No launch date has been set, and no launch date will be set, until DirecTV get the OK from the 7s's maker. When that will be is anybody's guess, hopefully very soon, but I don't see it getting launched for at least 2-4 more months from what the maker and higher ranking DirecTV workers have told me. If your local UPN and WB is Not a cable only station, meaning broadcast OTA, then you will most likely get them on DIRECTV when they bring the locals, they do offer both UPN and WB, as most don't know. They will offer locals to you this year, they will not make us wait until 2005, that is for sure.Their website will soon say "coming in July". The 522 has two tuners, two recorders in one box, and two independent TV outputs. you can only watch or record 2 channels at once, not 3. :)
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