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Apr 19, 2004
ok... here is what I have:

- 2 dual LNB regular dishes (points to single satellite each)
- 4 legacy receivers
- a RCA d6530 <passive> switch
- a sw21

Here's my question:
Is it possible to point 1 dual LNB dish to 119 and the other to 110, and then connect those 4 cables to 2 different sw21 switches... then take the 2 cables and plug them into my RCA switch (to allow 4 receivers to be connected)?

I have everything except the 2nd sw21 switch and it would be really nice if that's all that I would need to buy to get 4 receivers going...


Thanks in advance!
Agreed, Sw44 or SW64.

Run both outputs of your duals to your inputs of the switch, run the switch outputs into your recievers. SW64 will make you configurable for 61.5/148 should you ever need it.
Actually there is an alternative use two 3X4 multiswitches one for 110 one for 119 and 4 SW-21 switches. It is a lot of connections but it will work if you have some of the equipment rather than buying a SW-64.
Directv Para Todos dish and dish network

I just bought a house and it has a Directv's Paras Todos oval dish and I subscribe to Dish dish. Can I use the Paras Todos dish to connect my Dish 301 receiver? I bought in ebay a RCA D6530 powered multi-switch and I still have my Dish500 dish and the two sw21 switch. I need to get it hook up so my kids can watch tv again. Any advice and diagram to how to set this thing up?

I'm not sure about the DirectTV dish you are talking about. The answer is yes and no. Programming switches between 119 and 110. DirectTV leases programming off 119 but doesn't point to 110 and their dishes don't skew.

You can get programming off 119 but not 110.
If it's a direct Tv dish, it might be pointed wrong.. not sure what is Direct's main programming bird, but i think it's either 119 or 101. If it's at 119, sure, use it. Most of AT60 is at 119. If not, align it, set your second dish up with a dual so you can get 110, add 1 sw21 to combine the signals to your 301.

But if your Dish Network Dish had a twin, screw the other dish and set that up.

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