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Dec 4, 2003
(originally posted over at TC)
Ok... here is my story (ymmv of course)

After being forced to switch to Pegasus when I moved from DirecTV land, and getting 2 bills with erroneous charges, I got fed up with Pegasus and called DirecTV to switch.

Of course, the standard 800-DIRECTV could say nothing, but provided me with the "switchover" 866 number. Having called them before (and returned the request) I didn't think they could do anything for me.

Well, I called the 866 "switchover" number back and after demanding to know when I would be switched, I was given the following number to call: 800-883-4992.

I spoke with a CSR there and said that I had returned the documents 2 months ago and had heard nothing. She told me to hold for a moment and came back a minute later and started asking for Serial Numbers and such for my equipment.

Well, long story short. After 10 minutes, my Pegasus account had been disconnected and I was running with DirecTV (I saw the switchover with my own eyes).

My monthly bill went down from $61/month to $46/month (with the same services).

I suggest all of you that are looking to switch give that number a try.

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