Switch Hook up Help Please!


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Feb 25, 2007
I need help with a setup for my receivers. I got a new 622 receiver and added it to my two existing receivers. I now have a 622, 921, and 6000 running. I currently have a SW64 switch which will allow 4 receiver hook ups. My LNBS are all the old legacy type with two coax connections coming off of each LNB. I have an old starband (internet satellite) dish that had the internet lnb, 125LNB and 119LNB all atached to it. I also have a seperate dish pointed at 61.5 which also has the double coax LNB.

I now am one incoming lead short. The 6000 needs one lead, the 622 needs two leads and the 921 needs two leads.

It's my understanding that the dpp lnb's and switches allow to split one lead for a dual tuner, however, my two dishes and switch are not compatible to split the incoming feed.

Any one have a quick solution other than changing my dishes? The old starband dish is a much larger dish and the LNB's were specifically fitted for that dish so I cannot simply remove the LNB's and replace them with new dpp types.


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Nov 16, 2005
if i remember starband dish have D* style LNB's you wont be able to replace them with DP Duals/Singles.
personally i would instal second dish before i toch starband. ( im starband certify and they are pain to re aim)

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