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Sep 30, 2006
Hello all,

We switched from D to Cablevision (LI) about 4 years ago when they had a lot more HD programming.

Fed up with Cablevision's increased prices for decreased services. The Academy Awards fiasco was the final straw.

Our original install has a round dish with RG6 cable to three rooms. We also have an RCA D6520 multiswitch set up where the cable enters the house for distribution. (That multiswitch has LNB-A 17/18V and LNB-B 13/14V inputs and 4 outputs.)

We had hoped to switch to get a Tivo HD receiver (We LOVE Tivo) but that doesn't seem like it's happening anytime soon.

Am I correct that the installer would give us a newer type of dish? Is our current cabling still ok for HD standards? Will we still need the multiswitch or is a different one required?

Thanks for any input.:)

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Jul 31, 2009
Redding, CA

You will get a new dish. The cables will probably be fine. The multi-switch is trash. DVR's require two cables to each room, unless you get a SWM dish. A lot of areas of the country are using SWM on all new installs. Some areas have a minimum tuner requirement. I wouldn't worry about it much. DirecTV should provide everything you need as part of your free basic install.

Good luck, and welcome back!
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