Swm 1 install not going well

Discussion in 'DIRECTV Support Forum' started by Grant55, Sep 10, 2018.

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    im in Palm Springs ca . Im going to a swm1 for my two outside TVs . The old dish was a super hassle to install and a pro did it so I’ve mounted the new one 1 foot below the old one as I think the eaves may have been causing some of the problems . It’s level it’s anchored its tilt is at 111 degrees it’s elevation is 47 degrees and I’m having trouble finding the satelite even though I know where it is . I have an old in motion sat l have laying around from my rv below me with the lid off so I know where it is and dishpointer app shows it as well. So I have dumped the swm 1 and gone back to my old lnb which I know worked as there are no extra connections power supplies etc that could be faulty .

    Question how long do I have to wait on an hr24/500 between adjustments of the dish as the strength meter seems far less instant than the old ones that just screamed at you when you hit pay dirt. If someone can help I’d be glad to add som pics if needed

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    When you had the old LNB set up, did it work ?
    If you can point with the old LNB, put it back on, point the dish, once locked in, then go in and place the Power Inserter and swap the LNB to the SWM one ... when you turn the recvr on, it should auto detect the SWM LNB for you.
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    Are you starting with a 101 SD transponder for the initial coarse peak? Its been awhile since I've used an IRD for peaking and its going to react slower than using a dedicated sat meter, especially finding the satellite. Once you get on 101 you can peak very slowly to get the coarse peak then to 119 then back to 101 with the dials. Do you have the alignment instructions?

    Did you set the receiver up for a SWM LNB?


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